Thursday, October 2, 2008


Jujube is the the Chinese date, that is full of fresh fiber,
and only available from later Summer to early Fall.
They resemble themselves more of a tiny apple, dry and crunchy,
but perfumed much like a pear, with a pit in the middle.
A small commitment for chubby little hands.
They have proven to be a great asset to the four and
five year old community. I've seen it!
Fresh and firm, make for the best bite, but soft all the way
down to dry and wrinkled, they are still fine. The laundry list
of health benefits are just too long too list, so find you way to
trust, that they are good for you with many medicinal traits;
Sleep being just one. Find them at your local Farmer's market,
take them home, and place them in a bowl that sits nicely in your lap.
Take them in...chomp, chomp, crunch...instead of potato chips!


Rosebud Collection said...

They sound very interesting..Will have to find them and try them..Thank you for the information..


Oh, good!
They are bigger than an olive, and smaller than a tangerine. When they go soft and wrinkle, the Chinese make them into a tea. If nothing else they do wonders for the digestive system!

Karen said...

I love dates, but have never heard of these... will have to keep an eye open for them!