Friday, October 10, 2008

Soft Seductive Smokey Eyes

Soft Seductive Smokey Eyes

As far back as the Bronze Age, from Salome to Scheherazade,
the Seductress has transcended time with the allure of a striking gaze.

A smoldering smudge of black, rimming the eyes made for a brilliant contrast.
This bold move held a variety of intentions from the practical to the spiritual.

We can even take a current cue from the unlikely close ups of "guy Liner" on Johnny Depp's version of Captain Jack Sparrow, proving that smudging doesn't have to be perfect.

Make up Artist, Kerry Malouf loves romance, and gives us an entirely new interpretation of something a little sweeter, to stroll down the aisle on the most special of all days.

Give your own seductive glance, by taking the time to play with Jouer.
Place a finger tip of the velvety Creme Shadow in Cashmere, and guide it from lash line to crease. Glide the Eye Definer pencil in Noir, retracing the lash line for deeper definition, top and bottom. Curl lashes and then apply the Conditioning Mascara in Brun to finish, along with Jouer's Bronzer which is always essential for that kiss of sunshine.
A dramatic eye needs no distractions. Keep it refined and understated with a plump, naked pink lip with help of the Essential Lip Enhancer.

Every man loves a pair of eyes deep enough to get lost in, and lips soft enough to save him.

All make-up: Jouer Cosmetics
Make-up Artist: Kerry Malouf
Photographer: Lauren Stratton
Model: Toree Arntz, Contact: Maria @ M Model Management @ 323-658-8382
Writen by: KERRY + TERI = Kerry Malouf and Teri Rees Wang


kim* said...

I really need new makeup and techniques to do it. i some how got stuck on the champagne look and its no longer working for me. i need good makeup caseu i have tried cheap stuff and it makes me look dead and old.


Note: mineral make-up is good for everyday, but does not photo well.

Shadow said...

beautiful write!

Jaime said...

I acutally saw a segment on tv the other day on how to get the perfect smoky eye. I've been practicing. Thanks for the tips.

Jessica the Minx said...

Hi Terri

I had to move my blog but if you would like to still follow, email me at and I will send you the link...x