Monday, September 29, 2008

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs...

Breakfast is evolving...into a bento box.
A standing invitation for eggs any time of the day:
We need a little protein to get us through the day, though not the same old style sling.
This time we are doing it my way, and at my house these days... the only acceptable way.
Line that warm little pan with Sesame oil.
Shake some Sea salt, and Sesame seeds.
Throw in a hand full of chopped green Scallion onions.
Pour in a scrambled egg or more. Let it sit.
When it settles, shake on some more sea salt and sesame seeds.
Fry it flat and flip when set.
Top it with a sprinkle of Nori Komi Furikake (seaweed flakes).
Serve it aside that sprout salad, to have the surprise of your morning.
Washed down with a gulp of green tea ( hot for me, iced for him)...and we are golden!


Multifarious By Design said...

Breakfast all day, for sure!


This is the only way to get my husband to return home for breakfast!
Otherwise he would rather say hello to a waitress, and walk away from the mess.

Judy Mackey said...

Sounds yummy! I might have to make some Japanese styled scrambled eggs with rice tomorrow!!


ara133photography said...

Wonderful, i love breakfast foods :) I just found out how to find my 'blogs I'm following'!! :) I never use my blogger dashboard LOL! So now I will actually see your new posts, even though I've been following for a little while! :)

Reny said...

Delightful! That is all I can say about this wonderful blog. I must try some of your delicious sounding recipes!

PaintedHorse said...

Yummmmmm. Another wonderful culinary suggestion. However, Teri, I prefer the wonderful mix of words you serve up here. I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you, my friend...

Amy said...

sounds yummy!


So, making the same eggs these days, but simply sunny side up, with the lid on top, for some steam..the adding all the nori, sea salt and sesame seeds after it is plated. Still fabulous!

Tashai said...

Yum! Sounds like you could be a backyard hen enthusiast. Fresh "homemade" omelets. ;)

ching said...

wow your blog is really cool with all these inspiring recipes !

this scrambled eggs breakfast is really a creative menu ! Love it :)


Big Thanks Ching!

This is a no-vinegar salad, so it goes down smooth. The sea salt and sesame seeds give it enough of a bite for a midnight snack, in lieu of potato chips.

And those who are not so fond of eggs, seem so willing to taste some of mine. Our family favorite scrambled eggs, are the ones we can only order at the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. Silky soft with lots of oil and green onions.