Monday, February 9, 2009

Honey Bunny

Oh, my Honey Bunny!
A huge fan of honey, I am always on the hunt to sample another version of the same treat.
Though my favorites have been the desert road side stands, with that made by hand, back yard technique, I have stumble on this new find on the bright light shelves of Whole Foods; Who new?
'Honey Bunny': Creamed Clover Honey is Organic of course.
100% pure Peace River honey from Alberta Canada.
Note the small print on the back.."This adorable little pouch of creamed honey is sure to bounce around you kitchen table. A true delicacy! Squeeze your Honey Bunny today"!

> Everyday it makes it into my Mate, my coffee, my tea or however I plead that day.
> It is a simple allergy cure in a pinch.
Start to sneeze, fill a spoonful, and it's fixed.
> A facial treatment. Start with a warm wet towel, to heat things up,
dip your finger, and then share that with your other finger tips.
Press tips to your newly cleaned face, and pull away, and away and away.
Pull all those little blackheads off and away.
Rinse it all off with the warm wet one more time.
Clean and done for the day.


Janet Campbell said...

I've never seen this honey! My husband can't live without honey in his coffee everyday. Great packaging too. I keep an eye out for it.

Shadow said...

i didn't know all THOSE things about honey..... love the squeezy thingy, they should make some here like that.

Kathy said...

I also enjoy honey. Great in tea. One of boys ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches every day for years!

Thanks too for the wonderful comments on my blog. Love reading them.


Indigo said...

I agree with Shadow, they should make honey in squeezable containers. I'm one of those people who consider a honey sticks a treat. Sort of like the sugared pixie sticks, except with honey. I always find the roadside stands for honey too. The places that literally sells it in the combs. (Hugs)Indigo

Monique said...

Honey is wonderful stuff. I have yet to use it in a facial but it makes its way into many areas of life.... Love it.