Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Really, the Eye of the Roller Coaster

Let's try this again...

Seems to me lately that all the folks that I know have taken to riding their very own emotional roller coaster of Self Sabotage. They have chosen not to sit face forward, seat belts on tight, hands on the grip bar, and eyes wide with expectation. Instead they have chosen an the odd position of riding on the out side of the speeding car, gripping the ledge, eyes shut tight, legs kicking, with deep throttle screams streaming in the wind, as it whips about.

Really, they have taken all the fun out of the main attraction.

Oh, it is entertaining for awhile, watching them squirm, and shout, and slip off the side.
The tragedy begins when they start taking in hostages. There are signs posted here and there. Beware. Be aware. Mind the signals, manage your own personal care.
Observing fear, destruction and despair, can be convincing enough to jump in the saddle and hope that we might be spared, the severity. Nope, it never ends there.

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Zachary said...

My eyes are wide open. My seatbelt might be a little loose but I am aware of the storm around me.

Never forget and never forgive. Hold on to the past and stay bitter. (heehee)

Always remember to let someone else pack your own parachute--"livin' on the edge--you can't help yourself from fallin"