Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pepper on your Ceasar ?

Me, I am managing my own space. A lost dog found me today. Found me and my bunny, inside the house, and he had no intention of leaving. We sat, we played, we took pictures.
I had all the doors wide open, and every time I stand in the open threshold, he would go in the other room. I made sash into a leash, and hoped that he would lead the way. No way. He only wanted to go where I lead the way.
We had a long, exhausting, and fun filled day. We met all my neighbors, all his neighbors, some Cal-Trans workers, gardeners, nannies, house keepers, and a boat load of joggers (who each happily gave me their address, if I chose to deliver the dog to their yard, while they were out). We received two car rides,a few phone calls and lots of clues.
By the time we made it to the local Vet, to get his chip scanned, he had claimed me as his own. When finally we pulled up to his now found house, he acted like he never saw the place before. He had been so eager all day, to be landing on any ones else's door step. We had been in front of that house a few times, and he had never let on, that this was home. He was still clinging to me, paw wrapped around my leg, as I pulled away.
His name was Ceasar, but I had been calling him Pepper, all day.
We had an eventful, and fun filled, social day. ...but, that's pretty much every day.

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Head Bitch in Charge said...

A very nicely written post, almost poetic. What a fun day with a strange dog!