Friday, January 13, 2012

Sink or Swim

So neglectful I have been
Busy pondering other things
Dove down and kept going
Buoy up and remember to swim

Self preservation out at sea
Setting sail to the stars
Focus on bold intentions
Set on the horizon line for me

So now so long
Still testing the waters
Wind is warm
Sun is strong

Keep me in mind
Follow along
Knowing it has been
Far too long

Cheers! -Teri
My new years resolution is to keep up with making the rounds.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween x 3

HAPPY.... ;P

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pretty Platinum Pumpkins

Strangely, I have felt a shift.
Pretty is a pretty does.
Creative genius is as creative genius does.
I was stuck in the mud literally, and figuratively, both.
I wiggled my Self out and began digging in the dirt, turning over the soil, pulling weeds, and replanting. This began a new-again path to stir slowly to a faster pace of creativity. A bounty of blooming has begun. And, now I have proof.
These are my latest little poufs, made for a Hollywood Regency house
for Halloween. May your own inner or outer 'Creative Genius' get a boost.

Cheers! -Teri

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heal the Bay in the Hood

We had just come home from a two week road trip.
Open the paper a found a crowd surround some art,
and then realized they were all right out side,
and down the block. So we walked.

We found some some old friends and now some new.
We made our way to camera and microphone, posing
and promoting the right for art in our hood.
Rows of otherwise camouflaged homes,
and now one standing out in full view.

A neglected property that is getting some attention.
An eye sore before, but now seems full of intention.
A backdrop for an impromptu Holiday card,
a couple came, complete with ladder and ornamentation.
Happy to be part of a local stage.

Lights and cameras, reporters and restraints.
Documenting both compliments and complaints.
Though only one showed resistance, but he always does.
Everyone else thought it was great big fun.
Knowing of course this display will not stay.

How nice it would be, when all building sites
show off their more colorful side, in the meantime.
A curtain, a bill board, a show of a submission.
A story in stripes, a statement of mission.

The city has stated issue and sited the builder.
Guess they missed out on collecting revenues,
so they are attempting to make up for it in fines.
Bloated red face, blowing hot air only proves that
they hold on to out dated views, and have forgotten
to fawn and stroke the local muse.

Creative genius always prevails.
Stepping up to the scene of prevention.
Contending with pop-up circus tents for termites
Collectors and curators waving their paddles
Bidding has begun in favor of preservation.

Artist: "Risk" aka Kelly Graval

Artist: "Retna" aka Marquis Lewis

Adam Corlin of Corlin Construction, and Oceans@Risk

Articles of News:

The Huffington Post: Oceans At Risk House Raises Eyebrows

Arrested Motion

Heal the Bay

CBS news reporter Serene Branson

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Me?

Sweet pink
Flush cheeks
Change me
Have me weak

More more
Give me more
All I adore
Open door

Take it away
All away
Toss it out
Make me stay

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coco + Kelley = Teri's Orange You Glad it's Strawberry

This is a Re-post:
Yes, I am having way too much fun in the sun.
...'tis the season.
All I want to do is find some breakfast,
wander the coast, ride every wave,
sleep in the sand, forage for a feast, boogie some more,
and never leave before the moon is hung.

But, if you choose to stay home, inside or out, this is a sweet treat to swirl up some of your own Summer ...cheers!

Strawberries + Oranges + Ice + Honey = Summer Time Party Slushy.
Blend. Pulse. Blend. Done. Cheers!

Here I am... look up!
Hit the title or copy and paste this:

Be well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color my Mask

Mirror my mask
Manage my view
Savor my thought
Favor my news

Walk my path
Wander my tasks
Pioneer my road
Ponder my quests

Rebel my tribe
Reveal my vibe
Risk my wows
Reap my vows

Paint my past
Point my last
Stand my post
Swear my most

Inspired by Philippe Stark via 1st dibs:

"I walk alone and think alone, because all the exceptional and original people I have met live in silence. When you live in a tribe, you repeat what the tribe does. And the world is not built by people who repeat, but by those who create."
-Philippe Stark

Photo 1:David Sims, Paris Vogue, April 2011
Giorgio Armani blazer

Photo 2: Hans Fuerer, Paris Vogue, April 2011
Photo 3:Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Paris Vogue, April 2011,
Barbara Bui parka, Aridza Bross backpack, Ralph Lauren bag.
Photo 4: Martyn Thompson, Departures Magazine, July/August 2011,
Bottega Veneta python sandal.