Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Seed and Skin a Pomegranate

This is fast and easy to harvest a fall of pomegranate seeds.
Lukewarm water bath. Place big bowl inside the sink.

Slice Pom in half, under water.

Turn flesh inside out and pop seeds out.

Anything that floats, gets pushed over the edge,
and discarded into the waiting sink below.

Transfer into colander and let drain. Voila!


Solanah said...

You so rock, I have one waiting to be devoured, but it's such an ordeal to eat it! This helps bunches ;)


Manon Doyle said...

Teri!!! Thank you so much!! I've been eating these for two weeks now and I've been covered with pom juice from head to toe trying to take the seeds out!! LOl! Your technique is perfect!!

Creative Coquette said...

Holy Moly!!! I have avoided these dang things for years because of my memories of trying to pick out each seed and eat it!


You Are Brilliant!


Great tip! Pomegranate is the best they look great in the kitchen bowl as well ;)


Oh, good!
Yep, no artistic splashing here, just clean and clear seeds of genius-creativity-inducement.

I just it 'em by the spoonful.

P.S. I know the photo coloring is odd and the angles awkward, and "No": those are not my man hands but, they do belong to "That Guy" who decided to be of service, and he too found out how easy to do something new.

Be well to all.

drollgirl said...

BRILLIANT!!! thank you for the tips! pomegranates are so gorgeous and so delicious -- the best of both worlds! i am craving one right NOW!

Kellie Collis said...

Ah these are so yummy! x

MGU said...

Thanks for this!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Mmmm! I am going to pick up a pomegranate next time I'm at the market--thanks for the tips!


Hanako66 said...

this is great...I totally needed this!

Angie Muresan said...

I just bought a bunch of them from Whole Foods to put in my salads this week. Thanks for the info!

Leigh said...

The wonderful season for pomegranate, yummmy!!

TheChicGeek said...

Best tip EVER!!! I love poms but they are so hard to eat. Why didn't I ever think of doing it this way! Perfect :)

Down and Out Chic said...

how funny b/c b and i just had our first pomegranate (well, my first) and i totally didn't know how to eat it so i just scooped the seeds out. this makes WAY more sense. thank you!


Happy to be of simple service.

Life just gets easier and more fruitful as we skip along.

Be well, Y'all. ;P

Gabbi said...

Genius dear Teri... I love 'em so too. I have the best childhood memories of my sis and sitting in front of the television with our fingers red from eating pomegranates. Will have to try this new method soon!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

just letting you know i left something for you on my blog today. :)

Manon Doyle said...

Teri.... thanks for your comment today!

I'm all about chakras! I went to have them balanced this past Spring by a woman who has these amazing Tibetan bowls and she does it through sound waves...... it was absolutely incredible... I need to go back!

BTW.... I was obsessed with cherries and now I can't get enough pomegranate!

RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

It takes so much work to prepare and eat a Pomegranate but ti's well worth the effort! :)

BululuStudio said...

Thank you for your technique. so easy this way.

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Marmsk said...

Now that is a brilliant way to do it. I really must try it.