Monday, August 17, 2009

Purple Rays

Tween for a day, basking in the intense purple rays of lazy day.
Remembering the way I swam in my own head back then.
Feeling like a fly on the wall, spying and glancing about, only to
find that bubble was at times inescapable. Stuck their in my own head.

Finding way to bloom and shine in my own way.
Newly exposed to the idea of social graces, wanting to now how to react.
Watching my Self rebel against my own sense of progression.
Taking mental notes, just to show them off some other day.

I know my Self as I see my Self but have no idea how others might see me.
I would change my name to Sunny if I thought I could keep up the disguise.
My cheery disposition is so easily pulled under a wave of rip tide.
The dark depth of the bottom of the sea is the only place that does not mystify me.

I can hang out down below as long a it suits my version of Ariel
except for the fact that I feel my Self morphing into Persephone.
Reaching up with torpedo force, I crack the surface and reveal
what every version of my Self decides to show up for the ride of my Psyche.

Sensitive to the reactions of others, I will my way not to over act
but, keep my spinning mind tethered to my bursting heart.
Anxious to not explode into flames, I whirl my inventory of emotions
and check off the list of reasons and then revive a new start.

My aura wafts into the space before I do, and gives my Self away.
Keeping up the pace with so called friends, and non-friends is exhausting
and exhilarating in swirls through me in so many layers.
Vacuum my mind, manifest my heart, managing my hormones can be invigorating.


drollgirl said...

wow! you have quite a way with words, and you seem to know yourself and to manage yourself so well. kudos on that!

and i love the pictures. they are making me feel good. pictures and words are pretty much my drugs now and they have been for years. :)

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Teri,
love the pictures
love the words
love purple
Terrific post! I will reread again!

Denise @ Swelle said...

What a nice pick-me-up when riddled with sickies. Dreamy and vibrant it's bringing the summer to me inside when I can't be out there. Thanks!

FrancoB. said...

purple rules,
u write beautifully!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Beautiful poetry, amazing pictures. Every post of yours like this that I read makes me want to say "thank you for this" :)


Tween for one day was interesting enough. Tween x2 by the next week was an odd little hormone indulgent hell.

Cassiopeia said...

Love the first pic I<3purple!

and thanks for the lovely comment, the best one I have ever gotten:D

Shadow said...

i think you're perfect, just as you are. your reactions and observations equally so...

Room design studio said...

Oh My God the blanket is just what I want!!! oh and throw in the bikini and I get the deal !

Renee said...

Teri how beautiful. Everything about this post.

Yes, a seam ripper I am releasing my shoulders as I type.

Love Renee xoxo

Kilauea Poetry said...

What a far out flower and lots of cool imagery here- I like these deep reflections-

Jenn said...

Oh I am so in touch with this right now, it seems a tornado has hit my world and it is spinning me all around with no way to escape. At least the bottom of the sea is quiet and dark as opposed to overstimulating.

On a lighter note purple is my favorite color & your photos are uplifting!


The color Purple is...
the color of our mind, our head, our crown chakra. It is what balances out our mind to our psyche=Self-knowing: Transformation & Spirituality.

Want to heal your head, put a little lavender color or scent or gem there.

Niki B. said...

very beautiful photos. the purple theme is fantastic

Beach Vintage said...

How do you think of these words...amazing.

Gabbi said...

Such a touching post dear Teri, even the short reference to the Little Mermaid... I love the mix of touching words and extraordinary photos. Thank you so much for sharing. Maegan said...

wow. this is awesome. I can relate. ...and gorgeous photos to accompany!

Kellie Collis said...

Love love love that first shot- gorgeous!!! x

Rachel Follett said...

This post is like a lovely poem! Your words are so beautiful and fluid.

down and out chic said...

purple is certainly electrifying and your words are mysteriously accurate. if only we could all keep up that 'sunny disposition' and yet i too oddly find the deepest depths and darkness comforting.

Girlie-Queue said...

Wow. That was an amazing read :) thanks for plumbing those depths so beautifully!
As Teri wishes for herself, so too do I wish for Teri

Kristen Sara said...

What a wonderful post... I can't get enough purple. Beautiful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

As Teri wishes for herself, I wish for her.

Deldino said...

such beautiful images

Peaceole said...

As Teri wishes for herself, I wish for her.


Purple is such a spiritual color!
Your words truly captured the moments & spirit dear!!


Marmsk said...

So nice Terri, I do enjoy reading your blog.
Thanks for your visit to mine. Eileen

Creative Coquette said...




wide open spaces said...

really beautiful. love the shot of the couch with pillows. feels like home.

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