Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Do We Do?

Do we see the signs?
Do we listen to our body?
Do we listen to our heart?
Do we stop the chatter in our head?
Do we mind our thoughts?
Do we watch our language?
Do we mean what we say?
Do we share it right away?
Do we save it for another day?

Do we give from our heart?
Do we make a fresh start?
Do we create enough?
Do we expect too much?
Do we give it away?
Do we take the time?
Do we enjoy the ride?
Do we tidy up?

Do we toughen up?
Do we challenge us?
Do we eat right?
Do we chew every bite?
Do we savor with delight?
Do we walk?
Do we talk?
Do we write?

Do we read?
Do we take the lead?
Do we take the heat?
Do we ride the Sun?
Do we have much fun?
Do we make way for some?
Do we behave?
Do we act brave?

Do we waver?
Do we react?
Do we shout?
Do we tremble?
Do we tear up?
Do we absorb like a sponge?
Do we let it out?
Do we shed it like a duck?

Do we quiver in a heap?
Do we get it all out?
Do we resurrect?
Do we shake it off?
Do we stumble about?
Do we start with baby steps?
Do we make a fast run?
Do we jump the gun?

Do we wipe the slate clean?
Do we hold a grudge?
Do we mire in the mud?
Do we sabotage?
Do we ask for help?
Do we command respect?
Do we repeat our defeat?
Do we give our Self a reprieve?

Do we wreck our Self?
Do we check our Self?
Do we save our Self?
Do we save another?
Do we sore together?
Do we float to the top?
Do we touch the crest?
Do we swim along?
Do we carry on?

Do we...


Manon Doyle said...

You can't even imagine what this post means to me today. Thank you for sharing it Teri!

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i need to work on many of these things.


Do we beg for the clouds to follow us around?

Do we wait for the rains to wash us clean?

Do we ask the Magic 8 ball to give us the answers?

Do we rush to watch "Weeds"? ;P

down and out chic said...

i suppose the biggest question of all might just be "do we care?"
you are one talented individual and i'm happy to have even a small glimpse.

Shadow said...

damn good questions.....

drollgirl said...

i hope you have a nice weekend miss teri rees wang!!! :)


Me 2!

Multifarious By Design said...

This is such a meaningful post to me right now! Oh, that magic 8 ball.

Beach Vintage said...

do we relax? Not enough.

Creative Coquette said...

Wow, do we.


I love that you got a double "sunshine" fortune!!!

Gary Heller said...

Great post, perhaps we do a little of everything but not enough of any one thing.
Enjoyed these photos as well.

kirstyb said...

Great post xoxox

Julia said...

Wow, that was just what I needed this morning!


P.S. Those are NOT crystal balls.
They are my Super-Bounce balls.

All the little kids know but, their Mom's break out in a nervous rash as their kids grabs and tosses it to the ceiling. The Moms it the floor before the ball ever can. Then they tremble and stutter when they finally realize they're the only ones not in the know.

...that's how we do. ;P

Jenn said...

This is lovely. Two of the same fortunes and one as sweet as that is very cool and very rare.

I know there is positive & negative here but I do it all -- it is all life!!

Renee Finberg said...

you have been so sweet supporting me through my training. XOOX
i just can't read all of this...i am blind with lessons etc today.

but i will be back xx

drollgirl said...

just so you know, i am drinking those teas you recommended. one of them tastes AWFUL (pau d'arco) but i keep glugging on and on and wincing.

Margaret Ann said...

Do we totally love what you do??? Absolutely! Beautiful thoughts!

Martha Miller said...


Beth said...

Do we blog?
Do we sleep like a log?
Do we give a chip?
Do we sail our own ship?
Do we take a sip?
Do we make a witty quip?
Do we feel gipped?
Do we take a dip?
Do we sink like a stone?
Do we feel alone?
Do we sink in the bog?
Not with your blog!

Rock on.


Do we...just want to keep this list running..? Keep it coming! ;P

Beth said...

Do we dare stop?
I think not!

Vasudha.dilip said...

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