Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Good Herb Tea

Plan on attempting some Spring cleaning?
Start with a "Good Herb" cleanse.
For all the good and bad items that make it down the hatch, there should be a good chase that follows suit. Some of those things we eat come with some unexpected guests, who in turn make a mess with some worse side effects. Nope, parasites are not our pets. Just pests who reek havoc on our sanity, our stomach, and our sleep. Since I am in belief that fear should always be chased away with a extra large dose of good cheer, this is where our survival remains. The Good Herb tea comprises of a few simple items.
We will begin our triumph with a short recipe:

Yerba Mate > as a base, is especially good for those of us who strive to keep our addiction to coffee alive and kicking but, know we ought to be doing otherwise. It supplies a reasonable day, with out too many of our thoughts siphoned away. At one third the caffeine, it provides a plethora of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients which raise both mind and body stimulation.

Pau d'Arco > Is a bark that helps to strengthen the body's immune system, encouraging it to recover from candida to cancer. It comes from the Holly tree, which is the only tree in the Rain Forest that does not, will not, cannot grow fungus. Paired with Yerba Mate enhances all the initial benefits of fungus fighting properties and creates a round-house-power-punch that disintegrates all cancer chaos.

Cloves > have powerful medicinal properties. The main active component is eugenol, which helps kill bacteria and viruses, and it too assists all the other herbs in doing what they do best. Specifically, clove pushes out parasites. Parasites attach themselves to meat, milk, and raw fish. They are stimulating and have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties, which equals a parasite free mouth, tummy, brain, mouth and total body.

I drink mine plainly but, milk and honey could sweeten the pot...or stevia and soy!
Let it relax into a counter top bath for as long as you can wait, and then sip on it through out the remainder of the day, all the days.

Cheers!..be well.


Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful idea. I will be trying it soon. You create some great recipes!

drollgirl said...

sign me up! where do i get this?!?!? i am now worried that i have parasites all over and i am freaking out.

i love tea but have never had this stuff. i am bookmarking this and i am going to get all OVER IT!!!

bugs GET OUT OF ME!!!


Linda: You are so good to me/for me.

Droll girl: ..yu-so-silly..
Any where...Wholefoods, Wild Oats, or your local health food store.

Yerba Mate is an easy find.
Pau d'Arco may be trickier.
Cloves you can get every where! ;P

Usually we just poop them out and don't take notice. Our pets get them too. You know when they do the itchy-butt-carpet-skoot...yuck!

Shadow said...

and wellness to you too!

Manon Doyle said...

I'm in too! I'm at Whole Foods three times a week so I'll pick the ingredients up!
Thanks Teri!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Wonderful Teri, love the great info you provide. I have always loved young coconut juice, since I grew up in Malaysia:)

Uncommon Depth said...

Always such interesting posts here. I'm a big believer in natural medicines. Will have to give this combination a whirl.

Cozy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your helpful comments. You had some ideas that I had not thought about.

Jenn said...

I simply love tea and only drink one cup of coffee in the morning then if anything else hot during the day it is tea. I have been experimenting with a little blue agave nectar in place of honey or sugar and a splash of soy milk or rice milk as a finishing touch. Yum!

Cynthia said...

Great to know Teri, I will have to
search out the various holistic
medicine you've mentioned.

Prince NaKi said...

thank you for your comments...im so really sad here in saudi...


Jenn: Tell me how that Agave sweetener is working out for you. I usually stick to honey, all day, everyday. I like the soy by, it does not like me back. It makes for a great neutral palate base = it takes on any flavor you give and enhances it. Chocolate to garlic, whatever it is, it will be stronger; vs. milk.

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I always feel better after herbal tea. Makes everything feel alive again. Beautiful post!!

drollgirl said...

i plan to cleanse the bugs out this weekend. bugs BE GONE!


A spell on us all:

"BUGS BE GONE"!!!...pouf.

They shall be done. Be well. ;P

Multifarious By Design said...

This is a great summer idea. I've been thinking of a little cleansing! And your pictures are perfect!

Evil Pixie said...

Great images!