Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey There, Pink Cheeks!

One of my most favored talents is making great fresh-fruit-blended-ices or smoothies.
I especially love having them and serving them at 'cocktail hour' and I like them a sharp and refreshing. Any time, before or after a meal...pre-breakfast/post-breakfast, pre-lunch/post-lunch, late-after-noon-I-cannot-wait-for-dinner, and even for a fabulous dessert. Juice or fruit for that matter is usually best had by itself, and not to be paired with a meal; just to much confusion for the tummy.
Keep it simple. Keep it sublime. Keep it mine-all-mine.

I am lucky enough to have very generous neighbors, who not only leave town often but, also return bearing fruit! The have property in the dessert that yields trunk loads of citrus. Good citrus. Grapefruits that look tiny and yellow on the out side but, reveal themselves pink and sweet on the inside. I love a good surprise!

Grapefruits are less acidic than oranges, so they settle in easy. They also have a tiny bit of caffeine or something that resembles a perky effort; another nice surprise.
So they make for a great pick-up-that-face-you're-dragging-around-town. And, yes they do melt through cellulite!..what?..yes...fat burning; Can't beat that good surprise.

So here is the dilly-dally: I like my pink grapefruit with fresh ginger, for a little extra prick-up-those-cheeks. Ginger helps digestion by making our tummy sing, warming us up, and therefore making our sweet-cheeks-flush-pink! Smile...

In the blender: Pink grapefruit, fresh grated Ginger root, Honey (secret ingredient), ice, and sometimes...this time with a shot of fresh Pomegranate juice (I get mine from the local farmer's market and it looks like dark Port wine). Push the button high, while you reach for a straw.

Now, Pomegranate does two things that are extremely special. One, it gives us a huge dose of iron, which is good in moderation. So a big shot glass or a small wine glass is will do the trick just right. Two...it is the most fabulous sleepy-time-night-cap!..
One little glass alone after a zooming day, and I am out in 20 minutes flat; I have to remember to brush my teeth and get straight to bed. I have caught myself many times, stuck in the same spot I was sipping in..stuck and I can't get up. Lights on, T.V. on, jeans on...that really sucks. So just jump right it and get it over with.

The combo of the pick up Grapefruit + the sleepy time Pomegranate = a nice little afternoon delight; a.k.a.... "Cocktail".
You could impress the guests and shake it up with a splash of Vodka; I won't tell.
Oh, and a dropper of rose water to take it a step further in creating a "Love Potion".

Cheers to our health, Sweet Cheeks!

Be well.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Your blender recipe sounds delicious. I've never tried ginger with my pink grapefruits, but there's a first time for everything!

Linda S. Socha said...

Sounds wonderful! I like this post and am inspired to go forth!

Manon Doyle said...

Mmmm! I drink a couple of shots of pomegranate juice everyday! I think I like the sound of your drink even better! Adding vodka at the end of the day is perfect...lol!
Cheers to you Teri!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Ummmm....a delicious post! I love visiting your site although I usually leave hungry...

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely. What time shall i come over?

Jenn said...

This sounds delicious, ginger & grapefruit are two of my favorites. Getting into smoothies again now that summer is on its way here.
Thanks for the recipe :-)

down and out chic said...

i passed an award to you on my blog:)

Rachel Mallon said...

I want to make one right now! Thank you!


Rachel ...you are quick!

I did change my background color just for you, and your eyes. It works.

MGU said...

I'm so trying this!
I'm into my juicing quite a lot myself!

Uncommon Depth said...

Looks delicious. I just wish we could get that fresh from the desert citrus here. There's a definite difference from the picked fresh from the tree citrus we eat we get down to Arizona, and the dried up sour stuff they sell in the groceries up here.