Friday, September 19, 2008


How far do you go for your art?
Do you travel the world?
Do you stay close to home?
Do you make it yourself?..for your Self?
Do you do it alone?
Do you gather a crowd?
Do you share? do you care?

When I step off the plane, I find my self immediately immersed in the culture of the land in which I stand. I always stake claim of the where ever I am, even if it is the grocery aisle. So when I found my Self strolling along the cobble stone steps of San Miguel de Allende, I seemed over whelmed my the altitude and the craft of old. Talavera ceramics surround, they found their way to my home. We boxed and sent. We packed and carried. Any way to get our finds to follow us back, or we would happily find new home along our new view. Later down the calender we followed our friends to a coastal village named Sayulita, and were met with the same pleasant surprise, where there are French, vegan, surfers in major supply. They bring black pearls up from the sand to the surface, and string them on Australian kangaroo leather, then haul them from Bora Bora to Sayulita. We followed their trail, it does not stop there. The hike up into the hills to Chiapas, were embroiders take to cloth and craft of old and make new the Fiesta dress, which travels still to the front windows of shops and the covers of fashion mags via Santa Barbara. We are hooked. We have found gold. Something beautiful. Something bold. Something for us to have and to hold. Somthing more for our friends to behold.
Of course there is no stopping us, no slowing us down. Shall we find ourselves anchored, with out leaving town. We shop our friends and their friends and find the surplus abounds, our pleasure in tact, and we stay home with pride.


mgu said...

Hi again1 Ok, I've seen my dates and "comments" little titles are in Spanish: that might be because I started the blog in Spain and blogspot just decided on that. But all I write should be in English. I hope.
and keep up the blogging!


Ooh, La are Fancy aren't you.
Any way, you have a nice accent there for awhile at least. I am trying, still. Thanks for calling again.

mgu said...

Hey again,
firstly: I want the zen bunny, badly.
Secondly, I do have the subscribe buttons on the right of my blog, underneath the archive... I'll try rising that up...
See you later!

mgu said...

Ok, Ok I got you. The "follow this blog" gadget is not available to me for some reason...
I'll keep you posted!

Amber said...

Mmm, you're making me crave travel again. I can't wait till December, cause I'll be hitting up England again. Of course I can't afford anything there, but whatever ;)

Liquid said...

Loving it already!